In 10 days, 20% of WP7 devices have received the Mango update

Microsoft is doing a lot of work to try and get their latest OS, Windows Phone Mango(7.5), out to all WP7 phones. Their hard work is definitely paying off according to the latest stats, which indicate that in the 10 days since the initial release of Mango, 20% of all WP7 devices have received the update. If you were to include devices that were running the beta as well, the number would jump up another 10%. The number is expected to hit 50% in the next ten days.

These stats are courtesy of an app called “I’m a WP7″, which reports data from about 83,500 devices around the world. This quick update brings up the debate on why Android devices are so slow on getting OS updates. Only 39% of all Android devices are running on Android 2.3, the latest OS, a year after its release and ICS is rumored to be unveiled next week. It is difficult to compare the two since they have taken different approaches when manufacturing devices. Android manufacturers have chosen to focus on new hardware and push out updates to older devices slower. Microsoft on the other hand focuses more on updating all of the devices and less on pushing the latest hardware.

Now when your choosing a device, you have to decide whether you want to be guaranteed that you’ll receive the latest OS in a quick manner but on a lesser range of devices, or you can choose a device with the latest hardware on a broader range of devices and carriers. Kudos to Microsoft for getting the update out so quickly.


Author: Dakota Torres

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