Samsung Galaxy Note gets a price hike in the UK, now £670.80 SIM-free

The Samsung Galaxy Note, with its 5.3-inch touchscreen, is probably best described as a phone-tablet hybrid. It was announced in September and it will become available in the UK on November 17. That much we found out in the past few weeks.

On the matter of pricing, things are a bit more complicated. Samsung hasn’t officially announced a price for the Galaxy Note. Well known UK online retailer Clove at first estimated that the Galaxy Note would cost £600 and started taking pre-orders for the device asking that amount. When Clove announced that price, we all thought (nay, hoped) that the official price would be lower.

But it looks like that won’t be the case. Clove now says it has received some more guidance on the price, and it’s far from being lower – in fact, the Galaxy Note will be even more expensive. The retailer now asks for no less than £670.80. That probably makes the Galaxy Note the most expensive Android-powered smartphone in recent history. Clearly, Samsung wants to bank on that screen size and is pricing this device in iPhone territory. Whether or not this strategy will work for the Korean manufacturer remains to be seen of course.

It has to be said that even this £670.80 price is subject to change, as it isn’t officially confirmed yet. We’re just hoping that the Galaxy Note won’t turn out to be even more expensive, because we’re starting to doubt that it will have any kind of success with such prices.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Guest

    I would have thought that they will target the people who, as me, can’t afford to buy a tablet and therefore will buy a big screen phone. If thats the real price, than they lost me… If the Nexus Prime will be cheaper Ill get that or if not I will grab a good deal on a Galaxy S II

  • Poiopo198

    Too expensive for anyone who isn’t a millionaire. Crazy decision by samsung

  • Larry

    Its a music player! You can even download an app which is free! And
    download free music! Its awesome i would recomend this phone as a music

  • Anonymous

    There are enough idiots out there. I guess they will make a few bucks. I am not buying.

  • Legosteve

    dont buy it then the price will come down