T-Mobile LG Doubleplay (Flip II) press shots leaked, two screens in tow

In June this year was when we first got our eyes on an upcoming LG Android-powered smartphone that featured a side-sliding QWERTY keyboard which was split in two to make room for a second touchscreen tucked in the middle of the keyboard. Even back then, the phone had T-Mobile branding, and now it seems pretty clear that that’s where it’s headed whenever it will see the light of day.

Then in August we saw it again and it even got a name – Flip II. But apparently that was nothing more than a codename. Today press shots of this exact smartphone have been leaked to PocketNow, and according to these images, the phone will be called LG Doubleplay. The T-Mobile branding is still there, by the way.

This is undoubtedly a unique device. That said, the keyboard looks very cramped because of that second screen. As for the second screen’s usability or usefulness – well, we’ll just say we won’t bet on it being anything more than a gimmick. A desperate attempt to differentiate. But we’ll see. Maybe this will be a best-selling device, who knows. Though we kind of doubt it.

Anyway, rumored specs include a 320×480 (main) touchscreen, and a 5 MP camera. The LG Doubleplay should be launched by T-Mobile on November 2, and you’ll apparently be able to pick one up for $149.99 if you agree to sign a new two-year contract with the carrier.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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