HTC Rezound (Vigor) shows up in Verizon system, launch is near

The upcoming HTC Vigor for Verizon has so far been leaked so many times that just keeping track of all the different rumored info has become pretty hard. On top of that, we’ve heard three different brands under which this device is said to launch. Aside from Vigor, it may also be called Incredible HD or Rezound, according to previous rumors.

But of course, Vigor may just be a codename. If so, then what will this phone sell as? Well, if this new leak is to be believed, it’s going to be the HTC Rezound after all. Droid Life has received a shot of Verizon’s device management system that shows the upcoming Android-powered smartphone named Rezound.

So it seems pretty clear. If it’s made it to Verizon’s systems as the Rezound, it will probably make it to the market as the Rezound as well.

The HTC Rezound is said to come with a dual-core processor, HD touchscreen, Beats audio integration, and 4G LTE support. If these rumored specs turn out to be true, then this will certainly be one of the top phones in the coming months.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Anonymous

    Yawn…bring on the Nexus Prime.

  • Guest

    I want this if it launches this month.

  • BrianB13

    Nexus Prime is my top pick.  Then it will be the Rezound and Droid Razr.  I think all three phones will be out before Thanksgiving.  Good times ahead!!

  • Jonfrap

    get your vanilla so you can throw on launcher pro or something similar. You
    guys kill me. Sense is no exaggeration, 200 times better than any launcher you
    can get. But yet you Nexus people will sacrifice by having a Samdung phone and
    inferior launcher just to say it’s vanilla. I don’t get it, I really don’t!!!!
    HTC phones are by far the best. No discussion. PERIOD!!!! I’ve never seen as much jealousy
    in my life. You know the Rezound is going to be better. Stop posting on our
    news. Go post on the nexus news. We don’t want to hear you’re jealousy….

  • Paulbery2k

    No news here, just repeating old rumors. Zzzzzzzzz

  • Kowaiikai

    p.s. its supposedly has global support which the prime doesnt.  

  • Mackerman

    I really like HTC Sense, it’s better looking and more functional than any other skin out there (also look how many launcher imitators there are). But for me it’s going to be a tough choice between this and the Nexus Prime. I wish Google would work with HTC on the Nexus line again, Samsungs hardware just looks terrible and cheap.

    One last random comment, I’m hoping the name isn’t Rezound, that’s petty bad. Vigor or Incredible HD, MUCH better.

  • Anonymous

    First of all, calm down. its not that serious. Im simply not interested in another device shipping without the latest software. HTC makes great devices. And if you like Sense, great. I’m simply annoyed that they couldn’t wait a few weeks to release this thing with ICS on it. We know they have the source code. Why not hold off on the device and give it the star treatment it deserves?

    But we know why, don’t we?

    Because HTC already has another device in the works that is going to be its flagship device for ICS and this isn’t it.

    You should be upset that their not waiting. Do you really want to wait months for an update that may be out dated when it finally arrives?

    I’m personally sick of all the manufactures doing this. I’ve dealt with these skins holding up proper updates for too long and I’m done with it. A Nexus device, no matter who makes it, receives updates in a timely manner, not on a whim.

    If this HTC Vigor was shipping with ICS and some version of Sense, fine, it would be worth it. But its not, IMO, worth waiting on a gingerbread device when new software is almost here.

    What do you think?

    BTW, I don’t use various launchers or rooting methods. I run the device stock out of the box.

  • Merinda B

    I would like to get the Prime, but the fact is that Samsung made it. Not the best quality phones, not to mention there customer support is horrible.

  • Trob6969

    With this phone being the first or one of the first to hit the market with an HD display, I’m SURE it’s going to have ‘HD’ in it’s name. It makes for better marketing of the product.

  • Trob6969

    With this phone being the first or one of the first to hit the market with an HD display, I’m SURE it’s going to have ‘HD’ in it’s name. It makes for better marketing of the product.

  • Paul Weibel

    Sense is pretty cool but I like having less bloat. If you slap on Launcher Pro there’s actually a lot of really interesting and cool modifications you can do with it (along with other apps to customize your launcher/UI experience)

    I think most people don’t realize the tools available for stock or android in general. HTC Sense is the best ‘out of the box’, plus they have some great widgets- but if you take the time to modify your UI then you can easily make your phone 10x better than with Sense.

    Of course not everyone will want to spend hours of trail/error/ looking up apps,but if you’re reading this article you probably are one of those people who are willing to spend the extra time.

  • Androyd

    Manufacturer skins are necessary to differentiate between competitors. So many phones have the same specs that they need to do something to make their phones different from others. It’s a necessary evil.

    Also, will Gingerbread really be outdated? Do new Android updates really change that much. Updating from Froyo to Gingerbread was pretty uneventful… I mean I know there were things changed and a few performance updates but I didn’t feel my phone was outdated with Froyo. In my opinion, why would you get a phone with a worse processor and a worse camera just to get minor software updates?

  • Ocean Archer

    I’ll take sense 3.5 + gingerbread over ICS + vanilla any day.