Samsung C3350 is an Xcover rugged candybar headed to Europe soon for €179

Samsung is apparently getting ready to unveil another member in its Xcover family of rugged phones. If you remember, the first phone to come with that brand was the Galaxy Xcover, which just happens to also be an Android-powered smartphone.

But if smartphones aren’t your thing, and you’d just like a rugged phone in that classic candybar form factor, what to do? Well, starting today, Samsung certainly hopes you’ll wait for its C3350 to reach a store near you.

The Samsung C3350 therefore isn’t a smartphone, it runs a Samsung proprietary OS. It’s also reminiscent of devices from a few years ago because of that form factor, but, again, for some that may be the appeal of it.

The C3350 will have a 2.2-inch 240×320 display, a 2 MP camera with video recording support, Bluetooth 3.0, FM radio, a flashlight, a music player, and a microSD card slot. Its standby time remarkably will be six weeks, and it’s IP67 certified to withstand shock, dust, and water.

The Samsung C3350 should become available in Europe soon for €179.

Via and SammyHub

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Anonymous

    Actually the first Xcover was the B2710 that they launched last year in October 2010. Before that it was the Xplorer B2100 in April 2009, and the B2700 predated that one released in January 2009. So Samsung has had a history of making rugged dumbphones.

    Here’s the first Xcover, which really it has all the features you already listed for the new model.