AT&T HTC HD7S now receiving Mango Update

If you happen to own an AT&T HTC HD7S, you are in luck for Microsoft has just announced that they are now rolling out the Windows Phone 7.5(Mang0) update to the HD7S. It was initially  thought that the Mango update would head to the HD7S on Tuesday, but two days wait is really nothing to worry about.

There are tons of new features to the Mango update, here are a few of them: Visual Voicemail, custom ringtones, new speech commands, messaging threads, contact groups, an improved ME card, multitasking, improved Live Tiles, Local Scout, an improved calendar, a redesigned picture hub, video sharing, and the ability to manage your Windows device by using My Windows Phone.

It’s awesome to see Mango finally hitting the HTC HD7S. Now we are waiting for the the Mango update to hit the Samsung Focus, which is rumored to receive the update sometime near the end of the October. It shouldn’t take too long considering Microsoft’s speedy update process. If you have an HTC HD7S, let us know how the update went and your thoughts on Mango.


Author: Dakota Torres

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  • Anonymous

    Got my update this morning.  Process was smooth as silk with no user intervention needed, even through a total of three patches.

  • Clearthoughtz

    I still have not received the update…

  • Rcyycr

    does it ask u to update ur zune software too?