Apple iPhone 4S sales reach 4 million in the first weekend

Apple has just announced that it has managed to sell more than 4 million iPhone 4S units in the first three days of its availability. The iPhone 4S went on sale on Friday, October 14, in seven countries (the US, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan and the UK).

As a comparison, the iPhone 4 managed just 1.7 million sales in its first weekend, but there’s a caveat to take into account when comparing numbers. The iPhone 4 was initially available in just five countries (the US, the UK, France, Germany and Japan). On top of those, the iPhone 4S was also sold in Australia and Canada, and that may influence the numbers a bit.

But anyway, this is probably Apple’s biggest ever product launch, and it’s pretty clear that the iPhone 4S has sold more than the iPhone 4 in its first weekend. Exactly by how much is hard to tell at the moment considering the territorial availability issues described above.

This is a great start for Apple’s newest iPhone, and it goes to show that people have been anxiously awaiting something new from Apple. Perhaps delaying the launch by a few months was just a strategy to get even more people to go for an iPhone 4S. We’ll never know.

Apple has also let us know that 25 million people are already using iOS 5, the company’s newest mobile operating system version which was also launched last week. In rough numbers, that means that about 21 million people have already updated to this version of the OS. Apple also boasts that 20 million people have signed up for iCloud, its new services offering.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Zabih

    it is just a publicity to keep up Apple’s share price. ppl are not stupid enough to upgrade to a phone that looks exactly the same and has only one new feature and lil bit faster processor still below the average smarthphone market.