ITC judge: Apple doesn’t infringe on HTC patents, no import ban in sight

These days it seems like there’s some patent-related news each and every day. That’s what the mobile world has come to. This time, we’d like to talk about Apple and HTC. The Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer filed a complaint against Apple with the ITC asking for no less than an import ban on Apple iPhones, iPads, and iPods to the US.

That’s because HTC thought that Apple infringed on some of its patents. That request was filed in May of last year, and now we get the first response from the ITC about this particular complaint (yeah, things sometimes move amazingly fast in the legal world).

And it isn’t good news for HTC. An ITC administrative law judge found “no violation” by Apple of HTC’s patents. This fight isn’t over, though. This is apparently just a preliminary ruling. In February (almost two years after the complaint was first made) the full commission will decide whether to uphold or reject today’s decision.

So in theory there’s still a chance that HTC might win this thing, but it really doesn’t look likely. Not that it did last year. But the company probably had to do something – after Apple had sued it a few months earlier. And this is how it decided to respond.

Via Reuters

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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