Samsung Galaxy S II unsurprisingly passes drop test that shatters the iPhone 4S

Would you like to see a video in which two high-end smartphones are being dropped on concrete? From two different heights, no less? And being dropped either face-first or back-first? You do? Well, in that case you’ve probably already hit Play on the video embedded in this post.

If for some reason you haven’t done that, here’s the skinny. A few guys decided that they’d like to see how the brand new iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy S II will do when faced with concrete issues (bad pun, I know). So they took an iPhone 4S, and a Galaxy S II, and dropped them. Three times each, from two different heights at first, and then a face-first test at the end.

As you’d expect, the iPhone 4S gets shattered. That’s absolutely no surprise because the 4S seems to be identical on the outside to the iPhone 4, which was notorious for having shatter-prone glass. Yes, some of you may point out that glass in glass and it will shatter, yet consider that the screen in the Galaxy S II is also glass, and it survives all the falls untouched. I don’t know where Apple gets the glass for the iPhone from, but it’s clearly no Gorilla Glass.

So the Samsung Galaxy S II won this unscientific test, and by a mile. Aside from its glass screen, the phone is made out of plastic, which may also have something to do with its drop-resistance. Still, from time to time it’s nice to see a head-to-head where an Android phone wins against an Apple device in something other than raw processing power.

Via Android Police

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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