Samsung now wants to stop iPhone 4S sales in Australia and Japan

This just won’t stop, right? The patent war goes on and on. A couple of weeks ago, Samsung filed preliminary injunction motions in France and Italy requiring the courts to block Apple’s iPhone 4S from being sold in those countries. Why? Because the Apple iPhone 4S infringes on a few 3G-related patents that Samsung holds. At least that’s how the Korean company sees things. At the time, Samsung said that Italy and France would not be the only territories where it would try and get the iPhone 4S sales stopped.

And it was truthful. Today the WSJ reports that Samsung has taken this legal fight to Australia and Japan as well. The company filed for preliminary injunctions in the Tokyo District Court in Japan and the New South Wales Registry in Australia. The iPhone 4S isn’t the only device Samsung is trying to get banned – also affected are the iPhone 4 and iPad 2.

The filing in Japan alleges that Apple infringes on technology and UI patents that Samsung holds, while in Australia Samsung cited patents related to wireless telecommunications standards.

Usually these kinds of spats end in cross-licensing deals, but Apple seems intent on not agreeing to that. So the truth is that we have no idea how this will end. Or if. Or when. But one thing’s clear: we’ll keep you posted.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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