Samsung Galaxy Nexus heading to Verizon according to promo video?

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus has just been revealed as the first device to run on Google’s newest operating system, Android 4.0(Ice Cream Sandwich). Neither Google nor Samsung made any mention on which carrier this device will arrive to in the US. Samsung has created two different models of the Galaxy Nexus, an LTE model and a HSPA+ model.

Since it doesn’t support WiMax we can eliminate Sprint for the time being. An HSPA+ model could arrive at either AT&T or T-Mobile since both have an HSPA+ network. Meanwhile, Verizon has the biggest LTE network in the country, but AT&T also has a smaller LTE network that is currently being built up. Verizon is expected to have the Galaxy Nexus for an exclusive period of time after it passed on the Samsung Galaxy S II. We have just found more evidence that the Galaxy Nexus will be heading to Verizon thanks to the promo video of the device. In the video, you can see the Verizon Wireless logo on the notification menu.

Although there is some evidence that the device could be heading to Verizon, the fact that Samsung rescheduled the event to Hong Kong could mean that there is some trouble brewing between the two companies. We will keep you updated on the status of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Author: Dakota Torres

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  • iamwhite

    The Galaxy Nexus had BETTER go to Verizon ASAP. I swear I will jump ship to follow that phone.

  • Santhosh

    Great Review

  • Christopher Wilkins

    It is. I have no idea how the author is tying the rescheduled event to a rift between VZ and Samsung/Google.  So what? They got mad and left the country haha? Riiiight.

  • iamwhite

    Well, I think he’s alluding to the fact that DoKoMo is the only confirmed carrier. Considering that VZW just jointly announced the Razr, you’d think *someone* would have mentioned whether the Nexus will be on Verizon.

    Idle threats are my way to emphasize that they’d better get their s**t together, though in all truth I wouldn’t give up my unlimited data plan for anything, nifty though ICS’ data management system is.

  • BrianB13

    VZW wants the Razr to have the spotlight for now.  The Nexus will absolutely be on VZW.

  • iamwhite

    It’d better! *shakes fist* ;)

  • Droid King

    The nexus cannot match razor that’s why Verizon isn’t claiming it. No sd expansion ha I will take my razor ( which will update to ice cream ) and 48 gb ( 32gb sd ) 16gb installed over a update that I will get in a few months.

  • Anonymous

    It’s all about preference.  I’ve never come close to filling up my 16gb card in my OG droid so I don’t see a need to bump up to 48.  I’m sure 32 will be sufficient for me.  The timely software updates really have my attention.  I’m sure they’ll both be great phones, I’m going for the Nexus.