Samsung Galaxy Nexus priced in the UK. O2, Vodafone and Three will offer it

Earlier today, when Google and Samsung have officially unveiled the Galaxy Nexus, they didn’t say how much the handset would cost. However, we’ve got news on the price of the world’s first Android Ice Cream Sandwich device for the UK market – where it should become available starting next month.

Clove is currently accepting pre-orders for the Galaxy Nexus, and asks £514.80 (about €588 or $814) for the unlocked 16GB version. Yes, that is a high price, but let’s keep in mind that this is likely the best Android handset ever (until something newer and betters shows up, of course).

Phones 4U, another British retailer, lets you choose the Galaxy Nexus with various contracts – the handset will be free on plans starting at £46 per month.

O2, Vodafone and Three have confirmed that they would offer the Galaxy Nexus in the UK. For now, only Three has added the smartphone to its website (here), and has also published a quick video preview of it:

Via SoMobile

Author: Florin

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  • Zabih

    too expensive, £46 per month is way too much… Galaxy S2 will be the first choice for people. 
    for some reason Google doesnt want to sell as much. when they launched Nexus one, it was exclusive to Google one had to order online, it didnt sell as much.

    when they launched Samsung Nexus, it was a flop the moment it hit the shelves and after three months the price went down to £300. now it is Galaxy Nexus turn (first of all it is not worth £46 per month paying for it due to its plastic build quality) 2nd there are many choices to follow just in a month time all Android Handset manufacturers offering ICS handsets.