Samsung ships 20 million smartphones in Q3, becomes the biggest smartphone maker in the world

As we’ve already mentioned in passing in the post regarding Nokia’s Q3 results, we may very well have a new No.1 in the list of top smartphone makers in the world. From when it invented the smartphone, Nokia has held that position until the second quarter of this year, when it lost it to Apple. But it now seems that the Californian company was only able to hold on to the top spot for one quarter.

The WSJ reports that Samsung has sold more than 20 million smartphones in the third quarter of this year (the one ending in September). That would put it well ahead of Apple, which only managed to sell 17.07 million devices during the same period, as well as Nokia, which managed sales of just 16.8 million units.

Samsung will report its Q3 results next week, but don’t expect it to officially confirm these numbers. In last quarter’s report, the Korean company for the first time decided to simply not say how many smartphones it shipped. No absolute number, no percentage from total sales, no hint, no nothing. It’s unclear why Samsung took that path, but it may very well do the same thing again with the Q3 results. We’re obviously hoping it won’t, but don’t hold your breath.

Anyway, the WSJ has a rather reliable track record on such things, so we’re taking the number it gave us very seriously. And here we have a nice way in which Samsung’s growing focus on smartphones has taken it from 3 million devices shipped in Q2 2010 to the No.1 smartphone maker crown.

Though at the rate things are starting to change in this list, don’t expect Samsung to hold that title for long. But no matter what will go down in the fourth quarter, we’ll be here to report on it.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Perfect Radiance

    Did I read right? Is Samsung the biggest shipper of smart phones in the world? omg, I thought Apple.