Porsche Design Blackberry to make its debut October 27th

We first saw leaked images and a video of the Porsche Design Blackberry back in September. The device looked like a very modified 9900/9930 and had several prototype names: 9980, BlackBerry Knight, R47, and the Porsche Proceeding. Today, we found out that the device will make its debut on October 27th after Blackberry and Porsche Design sent out invitations to an exclusive event in Dubai.

Although the Blackberry community hasn’t taken too well to the general angular shape of the device and the design, keep in mind that this is meant to be a luxurious blackberry and will probably carry a hefty price tag. With the right theme chosen, this device can really show off your class. Specs wise, the Porsche Design Blackberry will run on Blackberry OS 7.0 and will include WiFi, 3G, and NFC.


We will know the full specs of the device once the VIP event comes around October 27th. We will keep you updated on the status of the Porsche Design Blackberry as more info becomes available.


Author: Dakota Torres

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    Frankly speaking, this BlackBerry cell phone is my favorite style, it looks so cool. 

  • PhoneGuru

    Lame..I can’t see a demand for this. The amount sold will be very low. Do phone companies create cars? Stick with what you know Porsche Design.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FENYRFX3J26ZTAMZBKNSEDLHTA Rachel

    Porsche only designs porsche cars. The toureg shares the same platform
    with the cayenne, but porsche didnt design the toureg. Why would they
    design a competitors car? It just doesnt make sense.