Telus will release the 4G Samsung Galaxy S II X on October 28

By now, the Samsung Galaxy S II has made its way to markets pretty much throughout the world, North America included. That said, not all North American carriers are already selling it. Telus, for example, was one Canadian carrier which was clearly going to get its very own Galaxy S version, that much we’ve known since August.

Telus’ Galaxy S II is basically more or less the same device that T-Mobile now sells in the US. However, Telus decided to mess with its name a bit, so that’s how the 4G Samsung Galaxy S II X was born. Last time we heard anything about it was more than a month ago, when the word on the street was that Telus would launch it soon.

And today we finally found out what that ‘soon’ actually meant. Telus decided to put up a teaser image and page for the Galaxy S II. In that image is the all-important release date: October 28. That’s right, next Friday you’ll be able to drop into a Telus store and pick up a brand new Galaxy S II.

Unfortunately pricing is still an unknown, but we’re betting it will be leaked a few days before the phone’s release, so stay tuned.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Jasonfan888

    it will be $99.99 on a 3 year contract

  • duntworry

    Yup I was also told 99$ on a 3yr.