UK: Wi-Fi-only HTC Flyer can now be yours for just £299.95

The HTC Flyer, the Taiwanese company’s first foray into the tablet space, has been available in the UK for quite a long while now. That may be why it keeps getting cheaper as months pass.

When it launched, the Wi-Fi-only 16 GB version of the Flyer was going for no less than £479.99. Since then, we’ve seen that price drop to just £329.99 about a month ago. But if even that was too much to pay for HTC’s tablet in your opinion, here’s some even better news.

If you’re interested in an Android tablet, but for some reason don’t necessarily want it to run Android Honeycomb (the tablet-optimized version of the OS), you can now pick up an HTC Flyer for the low, low price of £299.95 from The Smartphone Centre. What’s more, that price includes VAT as well as shipping.

This is the model that comes with Wi-Fi connectivity (no 3G data), and 16 GB of built-in storage. And while the Flyer may be hampered by the fact that it runs Android Gingerbread, it now really is a steal – at least compared to its original selling price.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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