Canada: LG Eye will be Bell’s Optimus LTE, coming soon

Earlier this month, LG announced the Optimus LTE, its first Android-powered smartphone to come with an HD touchscreen. Back then, the phone was said to be headed only to Korea, with two versions being created for two different carriers over there.

Yet it was kind of inevitable that the Optimus LTE would slowly start to make its way to other corners of the world. Because of its LTE connectivity, you certainly won’t be seeing it everywhere anytime soon, but there still are quite a few countries which have carriers deploying LTE, so LG’s new smartphone should be out of Korea pretty soon.

In Canada, it looks like Bell is going to be the carrier to sell the Optimus LTE, though it will do so under a different name. The carrier has named its version LG Eye. We have no pricing information to speak of yet, and no solid release date either. MobileSyrup speculates that it could be launched next month, but we’ll see.

This information all comes from the video above, which at first glance looks like an innocent enough rundown of a phone’s specs. Yet it refers to the device as the LG Eye, and also mentions it coming to Bell’s network. Which is logical, since The Source, the store for which this demo video was created, is owned by Bell. See? All the pieces of the puzzle neatly fall into place.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Roderick

    It will probably render your remote useless, although many TVs have an
    additional remote sensor in the screen area. My Hitachi has this
    feature. Insofar as the intelligent eye it is quite possible that in
    your video menu there is an option to turn off the intelligent eye.