Samsung Galaxy Nexus officially on its way to Verizon. Sprint may launch it too

Verizon has finally decided to put an end to all the speculation and announce what we’ve known for days: that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus is headed its way. That said, the carrier still left two very important things in the dark – the ‘when exactly’ and the ‘for how much’. Regarding availability, the only thing Verizon said is ‘later this year’, which is a bit vague for our taste. And nothing about pricing.

So the good news is that the new Nexus phone, complete with 4G LTE connectivity, is going to be sold by Verizon. That said, it remains to be seen whether the carrier will go ‘all in’ marketing-wise for the new Google phone, or if it will prefer Motorola’s Droid RAZR as its flagship Android smartphone for the holidays (which ironically can also be called a Google phone to some extent since Google acquired Motorola). The fact that the Galaxy Nexus wasn’t announced in the US (as initially planned) and that Verizon wasn’t at the launch (or even mentioned by Google then) does suggest the latter.

One way or the other, if your carrier of choice is Verizon and you’re craving a Galaxy Nexus, you just have to be patient and your wishes will come true.

In other Galaxy Nexus-related news, Sprint may launch the device too. A couple of days ago we were a bit baffled by the fact that on Samsung’s official registration page for the Galaxy Nexus, you had to pick your ‘carrier preference’, which listed all the ‘big four’, alongside smaller carriers too. While that was in no way a definite indication that the Galaxy Nexus might make it to carriers other than Verizon, it still was a bit odd.

And so is what you see in the image above. This was sent to BriefMobile, and as you can see it’s a packing list for Nexus Prime posters. Now before you shout Galaxy Nexus back at us, know that Nexus Prime was the phone’s codename, according to a Samsung developer who worked with the device. So all those times we heard it was going to launch being called Nexus Prime were just times when we actually heard its codename.

First things first. The packing list may be fake. Something like that would definitely not be hard to make. Even if it is real, it’s only about posters, not actual products. For all we know, those posters may contain a message such as “Want a Galaxy Nexus? We have better options for you” or something like that aimed at the competition (cough, Verizon, cough).

Still, we’d like to consider that there’s now at least a 1% chance that the Galaxy Nexus will make it to the Now Network. One can hope.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • ATH

    I don’t see it, unless they manufacture a wi max version

  • Greenlatin

    I checked out the Samsung page an by the looks of things it wouldnt be too of to say tht Google will sell from their site and manufacture phones specific to your carrier. Tht would be awesome an a possible. On a side note Sprint will launch LTE network next year so they could offer now with 3g than upgrade to LTE example of tht was the xoom tablet

  • Anonymous

    I’m skeptical of that idea. They essentially tried that strategy with the Nexus One, and there were major support issues. I much prefer the Nexus S strategy of retailing through Best Buy, which already has decent product support infrastructure in place. Retailing through the carriers isn’t a bad idea either, if they can keep it free of bloatware and software locks. I think I trust a third party more, though. Plus, I really liked having the option of Black Tie protection through Best Buy.

  • Anthony

    “Later this year” ….. huh seems like tmo will get it first again. Good for me won’t have to change carriers. Still rocking the N1.

  • Anonymous

    dude!! i rather have the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon any day i have an Unlimited Data plan no caps, and Sprint just announced via that there will not be anymore Unlimited data plan for Sprint and
    no one is grandfathered in they will be able to keep there unlimited rate plan but Bye Bye unlimited for everyone on Sprint.. So this is a big win for Verizon if you are in the Unlimited data plan.

  • Anonymous

    sprint is dumping Wimax, they are moving the direction of Verizon and At&t  LTE   this cracks me up i remember sprint was warned not do Wimax they invested so much money and now they are going the direct of LTE   

  • Eric262009

    Hey bro you’re retarted. Umlimited stays on phones. Read the whole story not the headline. Its on air cards and mobile hot spot.

  • AnT

    I heard sprint had to begin using their 4g frequency bands, before a certain date or else lose the license to those bands.  WiMaX was more mature than LTE at that time and so they started with WiMaX.  Do a little digging and you’ll find references to this online, unfortunately is probably very boring and technical.  The main benefit of LTE is that it has been the mass adopted, so phone manufacturers can make 1 phone for more carriers.  It sounds like sprint will be able to leverage much of their WiMaX investment when converting to LTE

  • Agonieetextase

    It’s not even being released for T-Mobile yet if ever you retard.

  • herpes

    come on att. show me the galaxy nexus

  • Fritz Javel

    shouldnt be doing name calling… the phone FCC Filing show support for the AWS spectrum wich T-Mobile uses for 4G, so it is for T-Mobile, and there is a AT&T variant, however no information is told yet regarding release day, so it can be assumed that T-Mobile will have it first

  • Anonymous

    Doh!! to much beer……..

  • JKim

    Honestly, I still believe it will release on the same day as Verizon at best. I really don’t care as long as I get my Nexus. And usually no information on a release day at all is a bad sign. Verizon has the 11/10 and it’s the only carrier with any sign of a release date, so we can assume the the HSPA+ models are going straight for overseas markets. But that’s just my two cents.

  • Jlandry04

    The Galaxy Nexus sounds amazing from what I have read. I am hoping that it will be coming to Sprint.

  • Ryan

    IF Verizon gets it on the 10th. It was never officially confirmed, just “leaked”. Considering that Verizon is most likely going to want to promote the Droid more than anything, Google and Samsung would be smart to release it on multiple networks, particularly T-Mobile because they’ve have all the nexus phone from the start.

  • Warbird1985

    I’m going to cancel my iPhone 4s today and hopefully this comes to att.

  • elid  i thought it was nexus prime too

  • Sketchee

    Sprint had a huge advantage getting out Wimax before anyone had 4G. I think they got their money’s worth.  They also had worked out a deal with Clear and didn’t roll it out on their own so their investment was probably minimal.

  • robert penafiel

    Oh yeah that packaging slip is fake.I worked at Sprint retail and now run my own AR Sprint store and I can tell you this not an official packing slip. I still have not heard yet from corp if Sprint will carry the Nexus Prime so I guess we’ll all have to wait and see.