Nokia Lumia 800 (Sea Ray) and Lumia 710 (Sabre) leaked again

Tomorrow Nokia World starts. It’s the event where Nokia announces new stuff. This year, it’s pretty clear that the show will be dominated by Nokia’s new Windows Phone Mango offerings. As we wait for the keynote to get started, we have to tell you that leak after leak over the past few days have made everything that Nokia is going to announce public already.

For example, we know that Nokia has (at least) three WP devices in the pipeline. A high-end flagship, an upper-midrange offering with a unique design, and a lower-midrange phone for the masses (or more so than its siblings at least).

Details about the Nokia 900 (codenamed Ace) have leaked earlier today. We’ve known details about the devices codenamed Sea Ray and Sabre for a while now too. We’ve even seen the Sea Ray in live images, and we’ve known that it’s going to be called Nokia 800.

But that may not be its entire name. First of all, above you have yet another live image of a functioning Nokia 800, this time in black. It’s clearly sporting that N9 design everyone seems to love. Not much else to say about this photo.

Next up, we have something more interesting – leaked details about the Nokia 800 and the Nokia 710 (Sabre). These allegedly come from Nokia World, and they certainly look real enough. Both phones will be called Lumia – so we have the Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 710. For now it’s unclear if the high-end 900 will get the Lumia brand as well (in which case Nokia would apparently be using it as a master brand for WP devices, much like Samsung is doing with the Galaxy brand for its Android smartphones). That said, we’re only hours away from the official announcements, so we’ll find out soon enough.

Both the 800 and the 710 will come with 512 MB of RAM, and they’ll both be launched in November in ‘select European markets’. Nokia’s Windows Phones will only arrive in the United States next year, as the company ramps up production.

Via Engadget and WinRumors

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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