Nokia Lumia 710 – some thoughts and hands-on

In addition to Lumia 800 flagship, Nokia launched another Windows Phone today – Nokia Lumia 710. And even without a huge marketing budget of Nokia 800, Lumia 710 has the potential to be a rather big thing.

Nokia really went out of its way to bring the price of this Windows Phone down. At EUR 270 before taxes and subsidies – Lumia 710 beats most of its Windows Phone competition and is spec’d to go heads-on with mid range Android handsets. Especially in unsubsidized markets where carriers have little control over device sales. Which is where Nokia Lumia 710 is launching first – Russia, India, Hong Kong and Singapore.

While it lacks the refined looks of Nokia 800, Lumia 710 is 150 Euro cheaper and has almost the same specs. Save for the camera ( 5 megapixels instead of 8), and the type of 3.7” display (ordinary Nokia Clear Black TFT instead of Super Amoled), it sports the same 1.4GHz Snapdragon CPU, GPU and 512MB of RAM. Nokia Lumia 710 runs on Windows Phone and comes with the same Nokia Music, Drive and Sports apps we demoed in our Lumia 800 hands-on.

Now combine these pretty good features, specs, low price of Lumia 710 with the Halo effect from the huge Nokia 800 marketing campaign, and what do you get? Potentially a huge hit IMHO

Here’s a short hands-on video of Nokia Lumia 710:


Author: Stasys Bielinis

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