AT&T’s Samsung Focus S and Flash will be launched on November 6

AT&T has finally unveiled the launch date of its first two Windows Phone Mango handsets, the Samsung Focus S, and Samsung Focus Flash.

According to this post (published on Facebook), both devices will be available starting November 6.

The high-end Samsung Focus S – which is similar to the Android-based Galaxy S II in many ways (including the design) will cost $199.99 on contract. As for the mid-end Samsung Focus Flash, this will be way cheaper – only $49.99 on contract.

(Samsung Focus S)

(Samsung Focus Flash)

There is still no word on when AT&T plans to introduce the HTC Titan, which should become its third Mango smartphone. In any case, T-Mobile will release a new Windows Phone device ahead of AT&T: the HTC Radar 4G, which will hit the shelves across the US on November 2 (for $99 on contract).

Via Engadget

Author: Florin

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