iOS Gmail App coming soon

We have some exciting news for iOS users. Rumor has it that an official Gmail app is very close to coming to the iOS platform. Apparently, the app has already been fully developed and submitted to Apple for review for the App Store.

Current iOS users were forced to access their Gmail through a third party app or through the web-based view, but they didn’t have access to the best new feature of the iOS Gmail app, push notifications. We saw a leaked video earlier in October that detailed many of the new features of the Gmail iOS app. These features included increased search functionality, contact icons, improved threads, and other small tweaks.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any info on a release date yet since the app hasn’t been officially announced, but you can probably expect it to become available in the comings weeks if it has already been submitted for approval. We will keep you updated on the status of the iOS Gmail app.


Author: Dakota Torres

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