Motorola RAZR gets delayed in the UK

Just as we finally found out when its Droid-branded twin would be launched by Verizon in the US, the Motorola RAZR is facing a delay in the UK. The new, reborn RAZR was supposed to go on sale over there today, according to what we heard in the past. However, that didn’t happen.

Furthermore, Clove, a well known online retailer of mobile phones, has announced that the RAZR’s launch in the UK has been delayed by Motorola. Fortunately though, this isn’t a big delay we’re talking about. According to the retailer, the superphone should be released sometime during next week. So, in the worst case, you’ll need to wait 12 days or so from this point on until you’ll finally be able to cuddle your very own RAZR.

That said, of course we’re hoping that there will be no more delays. Clove says that this sort of thing is pretty common when new devices are launched, so we’ll take its word for it. Maybe Moto simply wanted to be able to release the RAZR in the US first, who knows?

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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