LG says it’s actually planning Android ICS updates for Optimus 2X and other phones

Good news for those who own an LG Optimus 2X, or another high-end Optimus smartphone. LG has just stated that the “rumors” which claimed it would not “be providing the Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) OS update for the LG Optimus 2X” are “NOT true.”

The company further says it’s “in the process of planning” the update to ICS not only for the Optimus 2X, but also for other high-end LG Android devices (the Optimus 3D and Optimus Black are probably included here).

The new statement has been made via LG Mobile’s global Facebook account. Interestingly, the now-denied rumors started from LG’s India Facebook account – and the post claiming there will be no Android ICS for the Optimus 2X is still there. Anyway, it’s good that LG sorted things out in the end.

Unfortunately, a time frame for the ICS updates has not been given. But one thing is for certain: it will not happen this month, because LG is currently busy with bringing Gingerbread to its handsets, so Ice Cream Sandwich will have to wait a bit longer.

Author: Florin

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