Boost Mobile now offers the ZTE Warp for just $199.99

Last month, Boost Mobile announced the ZTE Warp, an upper-midrange Android-powered smartphone. The Warp finally went on sale a couple of days ago for $249.99, just as Boost said it would.

However, the carrier seems to have changed its mind in the meantime and decided that it should shave a cool $50 from that price. So starting today if you want to get a brand new ZTE Warp from Boost Mobile you’ll only have to shell out $199.99.

The ZTE Warp is available with Boost’s unlimited plans (either monthly or daily), and comes with a 4.3-inch 800×480 touchscreen, a 5 MP camera, a 1 GHz processor, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G, and a 2 GB microSD card preinstalled.

If you’re interested in picking one up, go to Boost Mobile now.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • E Zapata

    Today I went to buy the new ZTE Warp android phone from Boost Mobile to the store and they pretty much ripped me off. I paid for the phone (the ZTE Warp) following a promotion of $55 discount credit if this is activated before the 8th. This promotion has been announced in many website including boostmobile twitter, but none of their representative supposedly have any knowledge of it. At the store, the representative replaced my previous Samsung Galaxy Prevail (an android phone). Then all of the sudden when I get home I noticed that they changed my monthly plan to a more expensive one without letting me know and they did not credited me for the $55 promotion. In addition, they changed my billing date to reflect today and pretty much wiped my credit money out of my account that I had already paid for the rest of the month. Now I have a brand new phone and no service. I also wasted my whole only free day from work talking on the phone with boost mobile. No help. Avoid this company!The ZTE Warp also feels very cheap!!! And the default speaker cannot handle regular full volume, the sound distords and the speaker makes a squicky noise as a cheap speaker.

  • 87RealT