PayPal for Android update adds NFC payment

Currently one of the only ways to shop with NFC is to use Google Wallet, which is only available on the Nexus S. Thanks to Paypal, you’ll now have your own way to receive money from a friend just by bumping phones.

Paypal 3.0 for Android has just added support for NFC payments. First you’ll need to have the request money widget. Then you enter an amount you wish to give or receive, and then tap phones with another lad who also has an NFC equipped Android device. Your friend then has to enter his password and the transaction will be completed securely. This works thanks to PayPal’s new NFC P2P mode which will allow any NFC Android device(yep not just the Nexus S) receive/give money to another NFC device. This update also gives the landing screen a new look, simplifies the process of sending money, and added a few other minor tweaks.

You can currently grab the update from the Android Marketplace. Now we’ll just be waiting to see if PayPal starts to make its own rival to Google Wallet and allow you to pay merchants in store with your phone rather than sending money or shopping online. We will keep you updated on the status of the PayPal Mobile app for Android.


Author: Dakota Torres

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    I think it is a good news for both paypal user and iphone user.