Motorola Pro+ now available at Bell for free with three-year contract

A bit later than expected, the Motorola Pro+ has finally arrived at Bell in Canada. Later, because last month we heard it would go on sale on November 7. That didn’t happen, but here we are just four days later, and if you’d like a BlackBerry-esque device that runs Android, and your carrier of choice is Bell, you’re in luck.

Furthermore, if you have nothing against signing a long-term contract with Bell, you’ll also be pretty pleased about the price of this smartphone. See, Bell will give you one for free if you’re okay with a three-year contract. If you’d only like to commit for two years, you’ll have to shell out $299.95, and the price becomes $324.95 with a one-year contract. If you’d rather not sign any contract at all, the Motorola Pro+ can be yours for $349.95.

The Motorola Pro+ is a successor of sorts to the Droid Pro that Verizon launched in the US, and also to the Pro which was supposed to be released internationally but never was. That’s not a bad thing though, since the Pro+ comes with upgraded specs. If you’re interested in picking one up now, Bell is waiting for your order.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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