Nokia Lumia 800 with LTE coming to AT&T in 2012?

Launching across Europe this month, the Nokia Lumia 800 – the company’s flagship Windows Phone Mango device – may be released in the US by AT&T next year.

According to The Verge, AT&T and Nokia are readying a version of the Lumia 800 that will feature LTE connectivity. However, since Windows Phone Mango apparently doesn’t support LTE, AT&T’s handset will run either WP Tango (the platform’s version to come after Mango), or “specific Mango-based code drops that include LTE functionality.”

WinRumors has it that AT&T and Nokia will officially unveil their Lumia at CES 2012 (January 10 – January 13).

AT&T has already announced three Mango devices (Samsung Focus S, Samsung Focus Flash, and HTC Titan), but none of them have LTE capabilities.

Reportedly, Nokia is also in talks with other US carriers (Verizon?) for offering LTE-capable Windows Phone handsets. We’ll bring more on this as soon as new meaningful details are available.

Author: Florin

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  • Juliet Nicklin

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