UK: Cyan Nokia Lumia 800 will be out in December, pink next year

The past few days have managed to give us quite a lot of info about the Nokia Lumia 800‘s availability in the UK. After a short-lived scare that it wouldn’t become available SIM-free until next year, things are pretty clear – the phone is set to hit the streets on November 16, yet it will only be sold by a few select outlets during 2011.

Next year is when everyone and their dad will be able to sell you a Lumia 800. So that’s settled. But one of the Lumia 800’s main differentiating factors is constituted by the lively color tones in which it will be offered. Unfortunately though, if you’re after a cyan or pink Nokia Lumia 800, you shouldn’t be queuing in front of a store on November 16.

Pocket-lint has gotten word from a “very trusted source” that the cyan Lumia 800 will only be out in December (though thankfully in the first week of that month). The news is even worse for those of you lusting over the pink Lumia 800, as this particular version will only be sold starting in “early 2012″. So if you want to be among the first people in the UK to get Nokia’s first Windows Phone, you may have to give up on having a particular color choice. It’s a shame, really, but there’s nothing you (or we) can do about it. At least now you know what to expect.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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    I cannot wait for this phone to be released on South African soil. I
    will purchase one for myself and one for my mom.