AT&T Samsung Doubletime, Captivate Glide, and Pantech Pocket will be available on November 20

About a month ago, AT&T decided to unveil no less than five new Android-powered smartphones. The Motorola Atrix 2 was undoubtedly the leader of that pack, so the carrier gave us its pricing info and release date back then. However, we were left wondering when the other devices would launch. And while it’s still unclear what happened to the AT&T Avail (made by ZTE), we now know when the Samsung Doubletime, Samsung Captivate Glide, and Pantech Pocket will be out in an AT&T store near you.

The carrier itself took to Twitter to announce the news. The Doubletime, Captivate Glide, and Pocket will all be hitting the streets on November 20. Unfortunately, we still don’t know how they will be priced, although judging by their specs, none of them should be very expensive if AT&T wants sales to go well (except the Captivate Glide perhaps, which would have been a flagship device at the beginning of this year).

The Pantech Pocket was expected to go on sale on November 6, so that’s a two-week delay for you right there. Yet somehow we doubt that many of you have been losing any sleep over this. Anyway, in six short days, AT&T will have three more Android smartphones for you to choose from.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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