Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Nexus delayed in the UK ’till next week

Yesterday, both Clove and Three were saying that they would launch the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in the UK before the end of this week. Today, however, they’re saying that the new superphone – the world’s first to run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich – will actually not become available until next week.

Clove was supposed to launch the Galaxy Nexus (unlocked) on November 17, but now it announced that the first stock is expected to arrive on November 23.

As for Three, the network has informed those who’ve pre-ordered the new handset that “due to stock delays your delivery has changed to 22/11.” Even so, according to this tweet, retail stores should still “have stock on the 18th”, although they “cannot 100% confirm this yet.”

The news on the delay for the UK market comes at about the same time with a rumor implying that Verizon has also delayed the Galaxy Nexus in the US until December.

Author: Florin

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  • Anonymous

    Doubt it. Im sure the reason for the delay is because of this deal with Verizon.

    Consider this. Would Verizon really want people importing the nexus to other networks here in the states? Definitely not, it would be a huge blow to them.

    No, what I believe to have happened is simply that Verizon, Samsung and Google put the braked on others from selling it until Verizon is ready as well so that they can have all their bases covered….

    Or, maybe this:

    The delay is simply to ensure the launch of Google Music goes perfectly as planned. Either way, this waiting game is sickening.

    Im starting to feel like iphone users who had to wait for the announcement of any thing new from apple.

    Give me my damn phone NOW!!!

  • bobsbiggerballs


  • bobsbiggerballs