UK: Motorola Defy+ gets even more rugged with JCB edition, coming on December 6 for £262.80

If for some reason you think that the IP67-certified Motorola Defy+ simply isn’t rugged enough for your taste, you’ll be happy to know that your prayers have been answered. Or they will be pretty soon.

A new JCB Edition Motorola Defy+ is set to go on sale in the UK via well known retailer Clove. This version will become available on December 6 for £262.80, VAT included. For that price, you obviously get a SIM-free and unlocked smartphone.

So what’s new in the JCB Edition Defy+? Well, an extended 24-month warranty for starters. You also get an exclusive JCB branded skin with shock absorption, specifically designed for the Defy+. Your new smartphone will arrive in exclusive JCB packaging, and a JCB app will come preinstalled. That app includes six tools (Therodolite, Spirit Level, Torch and Decibel Reader) and a B&Q store locator.

That, by the way, also makes the intended target market for this device pretty clear – those of you in the construction business, and anyone who needs a really rugged phone. For those purposes, the Defy+ would have been a good fit, but with its even-more-ruggedized case, the Defy+ JCB Edition will be a great fit.

So there you have it. Just over a couple of weeks of waiting still left to do if you want a JCB-enhanced Defy+. But you can order one right away at Clove if you want to be sure you’ll be among the first to test its ruggedness.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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