HTC Titan, Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 and others now available at AT&T

Today is another Sunday when AT&T is launching multiple devices – five of them to be exact: a Windows Phone Mango handset, an Android tablet, and three Android smartphones.

AT&T’s new Mango phone is, of course, the HTC Titan, which comes not long after the Samsung Focus S and Samsung Focus Flash (the carrier’s very first Mango products).

Featuring a 4.7 inch WVGA display, the HTC Titan is the largest Windows Phone handset ever. It can be bought at AT&T for $199.99 on contract (or $549.99 without contract) or you can get it on Amazon (currently going for $.01).

The new Android tablet that AT&T is offering (online here) is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9. You can get it for a hefty $479.99 on contract, or $629.99 without commitment. The Galaxy Tab 8.9 runs Android 3.2 Honeycomb, and features LTE connectivity – alongside all the other features you can find in the Tab 8.9 that’s also available in Europe.

As for AT&T’s three Android smartphones that went on sale today, these are: Samsung Captivate Glide ($149.99 on contract on the official site, but $.01 on Amazon), Samsung Doubletime ($49.99 officially and $.01 on Amazon), and Pantech Pocket (also $49.99 at AT&T, $.01 on Amazon).

Author: Florin

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