Sprint iPhone 4S 16GB Now Being Offered At Radio Shack

The iPhone 4S is the hottest phone out there, and it’ll may still be hard to find this holiday season. If you’re looking for an additional place to purchase the Sprint iPhone 4S, then you’ll have to look no further than your local Radio Shack. A leaked document posted by 9to5Mac (via pocketnow) shows that ‘the Shack’ has added the iPhone 4S 16GB this weekend, just in time for Black Friday.

Unfortunately for those looking for the 32GB or 64GB iPhones for Sprint, it doesn’t appear as if Radio Shack will be carrying them, judging by the absence of them from the Radio Shack memo. The pricing will be the standard $199.99, not unexpected considering Apple has a pretty firm grasp on pricing. Per the memo, Radio Shack encourages their local salespeople to talk up Sprint’s unlimited plan, currently the only way to get unlimited data on the iPhone in the United States (unless you are grandfathered into an unlimited plan). Previously, Radio Shack had only offered the iPhone 4 8GB for Sprint in their stores, as well as the iPhone 4S for the other two carriers.

To briefly recap the specs of the iPhone 4S, it’s got the Apple A5 processor, 512MB of RAM, the 3.5-inch LCD screen, that great 8MP 1080p camera as well as all the iOS software, including Siri, the new person digital assistant that’s captured the imagination of everybody.

The iPhone 4S has already been added to Radio Shack’s website (though you can’t order it there), and so you’ll probably be able to find it in your local store if it normally carries cell phones.

Author: Kevin Schram

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