Nokia Drive For Non-Nokia Windows Phone 7 Devices Now Possible As XAP Leaks

Phone manufacturers are always looking for ways to differentiate their phones from their competitors. This is why we see tons of different custom user interfaces on Android (HTC Sense, MOTOBLUR, etc.). To make themselves stand out from their fellow WP7 manufacturers, Nokia has a few exclusive apps on their Windows Phone 7 devices, like Nokia Drive. That’s a turn-by-turn navigation app that a few people are fond off. But, it’s no longer exclusive to Nokia WP7 devices.

Earlier this month, we saw some claims on the internet that people had hacked Nokia Drive onto non-Nokia WP7 devices. We finally got proof when the XAP file was leaked to the web and a video of Nokia Drive running on the Samsung Focus was posted by blog WMPowerUser (via PocketNow).

A brief disclaimer here, you’ll have to have a jailbroken Windows Phone 7 device in order to use the hacked application. This is just the latest app leak for Nokia. Nokia Maps and Nokia Music were also leaked to the internet via XAP files for all with a jailbroken WP7 device to enjoy.Considering this track record, it’s also pretty likely that we’ll see every other Nokia app from here on out for Windows Phone 7 leaked to the internet.


Author: Kevin Schram

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