Asus Transformer Prime may be out in the US on November 28 or December 16, Canada on December 5

The Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime will hit North America soon, that much has been made clear when the quad-core Android tablet was announced earlier this month. Unfortunately though, all the manufacturer gave us back then was the pretty vague time frame of “December”.

Yesterday Amazon USA started taking pre-orders for the tablet, but it didn’t give us a shipping date, so naturally we were left wondering. Well, not anymore. Today we have not one, but two different release dates for the Transformer Prime in the US. In the end, there will (obviously) be only one, but we’re unable to tell at the moment which, so we’ll give you both.

First up, GameStop has also started taking pre-orders for the Asus tablet, and it conveniently also lists an actual launch date for the device: November 28. The phrase “release date” makes this sound pretty official, yet it’s strange that Asus said the Prime will be shipping in December. Perhaps it got some initial stock in early. That would be good news for would-be Transformer Prime owners, of course.

Unlike that, our second release date comes later, so will probably not be taken as well. An Amazon customer engaged in a live chat with a representative from the retailer and found out that the Transformer Prime is scheduled for release on December 16. Again the official-sounding wording.

It’s good to note that GameStop’s listing seems more likely to us. First up, because the Amazon rep may have been wrong or working with old info. That last bit can also be true because up until a few hours ago, GameStop listed December 9 as the release date for the Prime. So something may have happened very recently to push the launch all the way to this month. At least we’re hoping that’s the case.

Up in Canada, things are looking a lot simpler. No conflicting dates or anything like that over there. After Staples recently listed the Transformer Prime as ‘coming soon’, now both Best Buy and Future Shop have started taking pre-orders for the tablet. The price being asked for the 32 GB version of the Prime is $499.99, and the keyboard dock goes for $149.99.

Both retailers seem to think that the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime will be out in Canada on December 5, which is what they’ve listed as the release date. That comes to confirm the November US launch even more, in a way – after all, when’s the last time that a high-end gadget was available in Canada before the US (leaving aside carrier-branded devices)? Yeah, we can’t remember either.

Via Droid Life, Phone Arena, and MobileSyrup

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Wberndt3

    Pre-ordered mine at Best Buy (US) yesterday. On the Order Status page after placing my order, they list the release date as 12/18/11. I truly hope the Nov 28th date turns out to be true and that mine ships out then, but as of now, the 12/18/11 date is what Best Buy is showing (which sounds much closer to Amazon’s date of 12/16)

  • C H

    I just went to Gamestop and added both to the cart. Both list their shipping date of 12/9-HOwever, I also went to,, and is the $100  cheaper than BB with keyboard dock, free shipping, and 3 year accident warranty-Repair Master ARMPA3750 3-Year Portable Product Accidental Service Plan [ WAR ARMPA3750 ]  Expected to Ship 11/25/11$69.99 $69.99ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime Keyboard Docking Station – Silver [ ASU TF201DOCKSL ]  Pre-Order …details$149.00 $149.00ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime 32GB 10.1″ IPS+ Touch Panel Android Tablet Silver [ ASU TF201A1SL ]  Pre-Order …details$499.00 $499.00

  • C H

    hopefully it will be sooner for you. I’m holding out to see if anything arrives in store-

  • C H

    hopefully it will be sooner for you. I’m holding out to see if anything arrives in store-

  • Brandino 19

    yay Canada may be getting it first! :) go Canada!

  • LondonKiwi

    but but…what about us poor luddites in the UK?

  • Joey

    We get shafted.

  • Kaleidoscopekate

    Same Results as Wberndt3. Pre-ordered mine this morning and they said it would be 12/18/11. I’m  HOPING that they’re just trying to cover their bases by setting a late date so people don’t get their hopes up too much. If you think about it, having an uncertain release date is definitely increasing search engine results everywhere. They’d rather have a bunch of people nervous in the beginning and then ecstatic if it comes out 11/28 or early december. I don’t think they want a mob of angry people who don’t get their tablets by Christmas… That would be really bad publicity. Maybe I’m just trying to calm my own anxiety by being an optimist lol.

  • Kaleidoscopekate

    Oh, and I wanted to also share this with you. When I ordered the keyboard dock with it, it said that it’s release date was 12/31. I think that kinda lends credence to the idea that they’re making overly safe release dates in order to not get anyone’s hopes up.