Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Nexus now available in the US for $749.99

Are you still wondering when the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will make it to the US? Well, wonder no more, for it’s already available. No, this isn’t Verizon’s LTE-enabled version, unfortunately. That will be launched in December, according to Samsung.

But if you aren’t on Verizon or don’t want to be, and if HSPA+ speeds are good enough for you, here’s some good news. You can now purchase an unlocked Galaxy Nexus from Expansys, and you’ll be able to use it on either AT&T or T-Mobile – with full ‘4G’ HSPA+ speeds possible on both carriers thanks to the pentaband HSPA radio found inside the Galaxy Nexus.

Really the only caveat here is the price. Expansys would like you to shell out no less than $749.99 for the privilege of being among the first people in America to own a Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Sure, you won’t be forced to stay with a particular carrier for two years, as there will be no contract signing here. But still, that price point is a bit steep, and we’re hoping it will go down in the coming months.

That said, if you absolutely must have a Galaxy Nexus right now, you’ve probably already gone to Expansys and ordered yours.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • James

    I  wouldnt by this for a penny. because it has no SD card

  • http://www.mobileprice.pk/Samsung.html Samsung Mobiles

    I should buy this because it has lots of built memory in it.