Verizon Galaxy Nexus (Prime) launching in December – Samsung confirms

Samsung has reportedly confirmed that the Galaxy Nexus – the world’s first Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich device – will not be released in the US this month.

According to Business Insider, Samsung stated that the Galaxy Nexus will become available via Verizon Wireless “in December.” Hopefully, the company talks about early December – we’ve previously heard that December 8 is a possible launch date. We’ve also heard that Verizon might offer the handset under the name of Samsung Nexus Prime, but that’s yet to be confirmed.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus has been already launched in the UK (last week) – where it’s available both unlocked, and via network operators like O2 and Three. The new superphone will also be officially out in Canada on December 8 (via Bell and Virgin Mobile), so maybe Samsung thought it would be a good idea to release it at the same time in the US. I’m pretty sure there will be many customers quite disappointed about this.

Author: Florin

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  • Dannyp

    F**k Samsung! I already got the iphone 4S, which is comparable to Nexus. Check out the reviews on YouTube, and you will hate yourself for stressing over the release date of the Nexus ever since October insteading of getting the 4S. Again, f**k you Samsung! May your game playing comes back and bite you where it hurts. F**k You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kelly Lane

    Wow… I am sorry that you hate Samsung so much that you had to go out and buy a phone as awful as the 4S. Check out the reviews on YouTube? Dude, is this your first time using the internet? Who doesn’t know what the iPhone 4S is? At least you now have a phone that you can bond with. Siri, why did I buy a phone that pales in comparison to the competition?

  • Meppie

    Wow.  Someone’s pissed they didn’t wait.

  • Jim

    I am growing weary of the drama with this. It is still the best phone out there…and it is still worth the wait, but I am really really tired of the drama, the leaks, the rumors, the BS. Enough…just give us a date so we can quit scouring these blogs that just serve to give us mindless ramblings like my post and that of DannyP.

  • Mudd1970

    Sorry Samsung !  No more waiting,  on my way to get the Razr now

  • Fernandez100rr

    ur a fuckin tool fuck apple the shit thats on the 4s has ben on the droid eris u fagget

  • Alanmartin77

    Hey Dan why don’t you ask siri where the nearest dump is. Cause everything you say is trash! Then ask siri where the nearest bridge us and jump off

  • Galaxy Prime

    those who dont wait for this phone will regret it…. 

  • galaxy nexus

    and you will wish you had the nexus prime when it comes out

  • Branson91

    I have the Razr and love it. Debated on waiting for the Nexxus but I am a Motorola guy. I love the phone, especially the Gorilla glass front. Way cool phone. Getting ISC operating system after first of the year. The big drawback for me on the Nexus is the lack of a changeable SD card. Just my thoughts.

  • Enzo1on1

    ur an idiot

  • Android78

    Well I’m here to say it, obviously the apple 4s is a awesome device. In my opinion the reason all these handsets are pretty much equal ie. razr, nexus, ip4s, ect. Is simple. Apple’s strength is the America’s strength is and always has been enginuity, and innovation. You know what all the handsets have in common they are all built off the idea of the iPhone, tablets who was it Apple, I am a Android fan but the truth is the truth, how can someone beat u dude at being u? Really, so today in light of thanksgiving, instead of all these companies making the same s**t, be original let’s really make a hard push for Android and BE ORiGINAL! Facial reckonition! Come on you want to sell this as a feature! Really that’s why whenever we release a phone this first phone for comparison is the iPhone! Well when the iPhone was released it wasn’t compared to another phone, when the tablet was released it wasn’t compared to another tablet. Truth hurts.

  • Fmafioso

    Two years after today the 4s will still be functioning apple makes better products period the 4s is a world phone with two antennaes a better camera better os better and more apps the retina display is still nice the music player is the best alone iPod has been dominating mp3 players and u get it on the phone free build quality is better also and it’s pretty darn fast even for 3G after its all said and done this will be still the best phone for your money I wonder If the nexus s will get ics cause if it does really what difference are u getting besides a better screen and hopefully platform the iPhone 4 was a great phone which gotten better with the 4s I love it never do android again

  • Kross_

    You sir, are mentally challenged.

  • d-bone

    wow.. The ONLY ‘punctuation’ you used was the WORD “period”. Other than that, I had a hard time trying to figure out what the hell you were trying to say.. I couldn’t figure out where on sentence ended and another began…

  • stuart

    I’m waiting for the nexus, because I’m getting older and my eye’s are going bad. I was going to wait for the Note, but no way to know if its coming to Verizon.

    I don’t know why people bother posting about the IPhone. Must be just trolling, or is looking for anther phone because he is not happy his Iphone.