AT&T-compatible Nokia Lumia 800 now available in the US unlocked for $789.99

The Nokia Lumia 800 may be coming to AT&T in 2012, according to what we’ve heard earlier this month. This year, though, it’s clear that you won’t see it subsidized by any carrier in the USA. That, however, doesn’t mean that you can’t get one in the US.

Despite the fact that Nokia hasn’t officially launched the Lumia 800 in the US, the Windows Phone device is now available to order from Expansys USA. It comes unlocked and ready to use on any GSM-based carrier (so AT&T and T-Mobile in the States), but do note that its HSPA bands limit 3G or ‘4G’ use inside the US to AT&T only. The phone will work on T-Mobile, but on EDGE only – which is a bit slow for 2011, we think.

Now that we got that straightened out, get ready to be shocked. Yes, you read that correctly. The price you’ll have to pay in order to be one of the first people in the US to get their hands on a Nokia Lumia 800 is a whopping $789.99.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus, sold unlocked by the same retailer for ‘just’ $749.99, seems like a bargain now. After all, it comes with pentaband HSPA so you can even enjoy T-Mobile’s 4G, and it runs Android, which is a little bit more popular right now than Windows Phone. Oh, and it’s cheaper.

We hope that more independent retailers will pick up these devices and offer them for sale in the USA, so the prices go down. Until they do though, if you absolutely must have a Lumia 800 in the US, go to Expansys now to order yours.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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