HTC G1 gets its own ICS ROM

Ever since the Ice Cream Sandwich source code has been released, tons of devices have been getting their own ICS ROMs. Now, Google’s original Android device, the HTC G1, now has its own Ice Cream Sandwich ROM. Jcarrz1 from XDA-Developers has uploaded a video of his G1 running on a ICS ROM.

In the past, we have seen the G1 also running on Honeycomb.  The touchscreen works slowly along with all of the apps and special features that are included in ICS. Unfortunately, the usual Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Rotation do not function.

It’s pretty fascinating that the G1 can run on Android 4.0 when most thought it wouldn’t go past version 1.5. Go ahead and give it a try if you have a G1 and want to be tasting that Ice Cream Sandwich.


Author: Dakota Torres

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