Microsoft Stores offering free Windows Phones on Black Friday

If you visit one of Microsoft’s official stores in the US on Black Friday (tomorrow, November 25), you’ll be able to get new Windows Phone devices for free on contract.

According to this webpage, the offer will be also available if you’re buying online from Microsoft Store.

While it’s not specifically stated, the offer should include even the latest Windows Phone Mango handsets – like the HTC Titan, Samsung Focus S, Samsung Focus Flash, and HTC Radar 4G.

Sure enough, you’ll also find free Mango handsets at other locations on Black Friday – including at Amazon – but it’s good to see that in case you need to buy stuff directly from Microsoft you’ll have free smartphones there, too.

Via WPCentral

Author: Florin

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    That means now will be the owner of Windows Phone on Black Friday by this offer.