Asus Transformer Prime to be launched on December 8 in the US?

Last time we heard about it, the Asus Transformer Prime was scheduled to be released in the US either on November 28, or on December 16.

The Nov. 28 date can be ruled out now, since GameStop (which initially said it would launch the new tablet on that day) now says the Transformer Prime should become available on December 9.

But the Prime could be launched a little earlier: Newegg expects to sell it starting December 8 (for $499.99).

If the December 8 launch date turns out to be accurate, the Asus Transformer Prime may join Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy Nexus (which might be out on the same day). Well, that would be something – the world’s first Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone and the world’s first quad-core tablet arriving in the US at the same time.

Via Engadget

Author: Florin

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