Nokia Lumia 800 will be available at O2 UK on December 9

The Nokia Lumia 800 is supposed to be the Finnish company’s Windows Phone Mango-powered knight in shining armor for this holiday season, at least in the (very) limited number of countries it’s available in. The goal of selling a whole lot of units can only be achieved if the device is being carried by as many operators as possible.

Which is why it came as a bit of a surprise that O2 UK hasn’t been stocking the Lumia 800 since its launch a couple of weeks ago. After all, other operators in the UK have so far seemed very happy with Nokia’s latest.

But some time has passed now, and it looks like O2 has changed its mind and will sell the Nokia Lumia 800 after all. That will happen starting in December, according to the operator’s own Coming Soon page.

Recombu got in touch with a claimed trusted source inside O2, who has given us the actual release date for O2’s Nokia Lumia 800: December 9. That’s next Friday, in case you were wondering. So if your operator of choice is O2 and you’ve had your eyes on Nokia’s brand new puppy, next week should be a happy one for you.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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