You can now try out Windows Phone on your Android or iOS device

Have you ever been curious about the Windows Phone operating system, but currently own an Android or iOS device and are just too lazy to go to a Microsoft Store or to your local carrier store and try one out? Well, Microsoft has made it incredibly easy for you to try out Windows Phone Mango(7.5) on your own Android or iOS device.

All you have to do is visit this website on your mobile browser, and you will access an interactive HTML 5 web page that gives you a full tour of the operating system. It allows you to experience the tiles on your own home screen and even gives you a couple of demos of simple tasks such as checking your email or sending a text message.

It would be pretty sweet if this web page could actually convert your OS to Windows Phone Mango, but that feature is currently not available. Kudos to Microsoft for thinking outside of the box with a cool promotional HTML 5 demo of their own OS.


Author: Dakota Torres

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