Samsung Galaxy Nexus now available at Vodafone UK, Verizon’s version rumored to launch on December 11

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is now available at Vodafone in the UK. Initially, it was only to be found at O2 and Phones 4U. So if you wanted to get one straight from Big Red, now’s your chance.

The superphone is being offered for free on plans which cost £41 per month or more. For that minimum amount you’ll be getting 1,200 minutes, unlimited texts, and 750 MB of data each month. The cheapest plan with which you can get the Galaxy Nexus is £26 per month, and it gives you 100 minutes, 500 texts, and 250 MB of data, but choosing this plan requires you to pay £299 for the phone outright. The most expensive plan costs £56 per month and has 3,000 minutes, unlimited texts, and 1 GB of data included.

There are some other options as well, so make sure you think long and hard before choosing a plan which is adequate for you. When you’re ready to pick, head on over to Vodafone.

In other Galaxy Nexus related news, the 4G LTE version that’s headed to Verizon in the US just got yet another rumored release date. This time it comes courtesy of a leaked screenshot of a purported Best Buy inventory system which was obtained by Engadget.

As you can see, the image above indicates that the newest Nexus phone will arrive in that particular Best Buy’s inventory on December 11. Now that may not necessarily mean that it will be released on that day. In fact, it only makes it (quite) clear that the Galaxy Nexus won’t be out before December 11. And that’s in case the image isn’t a fake.

See, the Galaxy Nexus units may arrive on December 11, but that doesn’t mean the retailer can’t simply hold on to them for a week or so more without putting them on sale. Such a thing may not happen every day, but it’s not impossible.

So take this with a big old grain of salt, while you’re busy waiting for Verizon to announce something – anything – about the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Egeferentino9

    The 11th is on a Sunday. Maybe that week of the 11th to be released. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.