Dell Venue Pro last device to be upgraded to Mango

Today is a glorious day for Windows Phone users. The Dell Venue Pro, the last device that did not have a Mango upgrade available, has just received the update. This means that the Mango upgrade is now available to users of all Windows Phone devices.

The quick upgrade is due to Microsoft’s tight control over the Windows Phone OS. The same goes for Apple’s tight control over iOS and its quick release of upgrades. They keep a hardware standard and do not allow customization of the base platform. This leads to a quick and easy distribution of upgrades.

The downside to the quick update is the lag behind competing hardware. Windows Phones devices run on single-core processors and WVGA displays, while competitors use HD displays and dual-core processors. Although with the properly optimized software, the single-core processor doesn’t have too much of an effect, the WVGA screen doesn’t compare to the qHD and HD displays on high end Android devices. The downside to Android is that updates take light years longer to head out to devices if you aren’t using a one of Google’s Nexus devices. Both sides have their pros and cons. Anyways, kudos to Microsoft for the quick update and congratulations Dell Venue Pro users.



Author: Dakota Torres

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