Samsung Galaxy Nexus launching one day earlier at Bell and Virgin Canada

Bell and Virgin Mobile had previously announced that they would release the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in Canada on December 8. And  they will. However, you’ll be able to buy the brand new Android Ice Cream Sandwich superphone one day earlier if you’re in Toronto.

Bell and Virgin will start selling the Galaxy Nexus on December 7 at their Yonge and Dundas locations in Toronto (starting 1 PM to be exact). Moreover, Best Buy Canada will also kick-off sales the same day, but only at their Bay and Dundas location (and, of course, only on Bell or Virgin contracts).

The Galaxy Nexus can be already ordered unlocked in Canada thanks to Expansys, but it’s really expensive: $830.

Meanwhile, if you’re in the US wondering when the heck the Galaxy Nexus will be officially released there: Verizon and Samsung have still not announced a launch date – although it could be December 9. We’ll obviously let you know when we hear anything official on this.

Author: Florin

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  • ConcernedDroidHacker

    Who really cares what happens in Canada?

  • ConcernedDroidHacker

    Who really cares what happens in Canada?

  • Me

    You are an american idiot

  • Anonymous

    People who live in Canada. 

  • Aguilera

    Galaxy is really famous all over the world, what is the exact advantage of this device gets?

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