Galaxy Nexus making its way to Verizon stores? WSJ says it’ll cost $299 on contract

Already on display at one of Samsung’s stores in NYC, the Galaxy Nexus seems to be making its way to Verizon stores, too – although, of course, the carrier has still not confirmed its launch date.

There’s a set of leaked photos showing the Galaxy Nexus in its retail package, and it looks like they were taken in a Verizon warehouse. The original thread over at the XDA forums (where the photos have been initially posed) was taken down, but the images are still making the rounds on the web:

If Verizon is indeed stocking the Galaxy Nexus as of now, that rumored December 9 launch date might become reality.

In any case, the Wall Street Journal has it from “people familiar with the matter” that the new Nexus will be released by Verizon this month (it’s not like we didn’t know this already). The WSJ is also saying the Galaxy Nexus will cost $299 on contract – certainly not a surprise, since Verizon has been launching all its high-end LTE smartphones for the same price since its very first LTE handset came out (the HTC Thunderbolt, released in the first quarter of the year).

Via Droid-life, Android Central

Author: Florin

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