Sony Ericsson to become Sony in mid-2012, focus on Android smartphones

In October, Sony officially announced that it was buying Ericsson’s stake in the Sony Ericsson joint venture. That didn’t come as a big surprise, since we had heard rumors that this would happen starting all the way back in 2009.

From the announcement on, Sony didn’t let on any details as to how exactly this move will impact the phone maker. Until today.

Speaking to The Times of India, a ‘senior executive’ at Sony said that the Ericsson brand will be dropped from mobile phone products before mid-2012. As a lot of you were clearly expecting, Sony will once again sell Sony phones.

Which brings us to the company’s focus – smartphones. As it has uttered countless times even while still being called Sony Ericsson, the mobile phone maker looks to become a ‘complete smartphone company’, not selling featurephones anymore. That change, to a smartphone-only player, will also happen in 2012.

Marketing and investment budgets for Sony’s new mobile division will go up in the near future, and the company’s target is to become the number one Android phone maker. At some point.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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    Sony Ericsson’s are great phones, great to save pics and songs, i have always had Nokias in the past and went for one as a change and now i wont go back.