Samsung Wave 525 and Wave 533 won’t be updated to Bada 2.0 after all

Here’s some bad news if your device of choice is either a Samsung Wave 525 or a Samsung Wave 533. Despite previously stating that all Bada smartphones ever released would be updated to Bada 2.0, the Korean company has now changed its mind.

Citing (what else?) hardware constraints, Samsung has let Bada developers know that the Wave 525 and Wave 533 will not be updated to Bada 2.0 after all. Bada 1.1 is as far as these handsets will ever go. That said, Samsung will try to alleviate the pain a bit for those who own these phones. The company will provide a ‘Value Pack’ for them which consists of an experience very similar to that of the 2.0 update.

So you’ll get a Bada 2.0 ‘feel’ without actually getting the update. Now judging from how slow Bada updates have been so far, if you have a Bada phone you probably haven’t bought it for its updateability anyway. Or have you? Anyway, this was a heads up. Don’t keep waiting for that 2.0 update which will never come.

Via SammyHub

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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